Hello there! I’m Kristi. I’m a church planter’s wife, writer, podcaster, mom to three spectacular little girls, and Acquisitions Editor for P&R Publishing. Sometimes there’s a bit of purple in my otherwise blonde hair.

In 2008, I remember rolling my eyes at blogs, thinking they were indulgent and narcissistic.

In 2009, I started one. Ahem. I blogged through my first pregnancy and fell in love.  A few months later, I sat in a roomful of friends crying about how stuck I felt. I wanted to contribute financially to our family in a small way I didn’t see an opportunity to do so that lined up with any of my gifts. One of them encouraged me to consider writing, and I laughed. I didn’t study English in college, plus, I didn’t think anyone really got paid to write.

Eventually her question stuck, and over the next few years, I tried it. The year I turned 30, I decided to give myself a year to take writing seriously. I blogged more, pursued freelance work, and followed through on my commitment to be brave. I’m so glad I did – not because I got rich or famous (I didn’t) but because I settled into being a regular old writer. Click here to see some of the other places I’ve contributed online.


In 2011 we moved to Asheville, NC to plant City Church, and it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But, as it goes in God’s upside-down kingdom, it’s also been one of the sweetest gifts. I write about church planting because I can’t help it! I love church planting families and my heart is attuned to the unique challenges and blessings that come with a church plant, or a revitalization effort, or a church that’s simply small.


In 2016 I joined a bunch of fiery truth-tellers and started the Upside Down Podcast. Our goal is to share unscripted conversations on life and faith, and to encourage you to enter into rich friendship and deep conversations about complicated issues in your own context. Head here read more, and to listen online. You can find us on iTunes as well.


In June of 2016 I started my dream job as an Acquisitions Editor for P&R Publishing. I work with potential and existing authors, as well as our sales and marketing teams to develop new proposals that turn into BOOKS. I see God’s hand all over this job – including that conversation back in 2009 where one friend (her) encouraged another (me) to lean into the gift of writing. Now I get to do the same thing for our authors, and it’s such a pleasure.


Come find me!

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