My Interview is LIVE! (And so is my new site…)

Hey guys! Notice anything different?


I finally launched my new site! It only took a year and 4 months of stalling. Sheesh.

I’ve moved most of my old content over here and there may be a few broken links or issues with images but for the most part, the gang’s all here!

If you’re following along with Upside Down Podcast, you know we’ve been doing interviews with our host as we kick off the new year, just to get to know everyone a little better. Today my interview is up! And there’s a special message at the beginning, so please take a minute to check it out. If you’re not interested in hearing about my attempts to bring hip-hop class to the mini-golf course, or about the time I almost missed the DTR conversation with Duff, at least tune in for the first couple minutes. 

As always, thanks for your support! I’ve got a couple big projects brewing over here but I’m dying to get back into regular blogging. Can’t wait to meet you back here soon!

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