Exploring Loneliness in the Upside-Down Kingdom

True story – last week when we were anticipating the release of this latest episode of the UpsideDown Podcast, some of us hosts had very little memory of recording it. It was the second half of a long night of recording and I’m not sure why, but it was a really exhausting experience. I woke up the morning after that recording and told Duff my vulnerability hangover was so severe I wasn’t sure I could get out of bed.

That’s the only time I’ve EVER said that.


So in a way, we were all eager to listen to this episode ourselves and guys, we are really proud of it. Proud in the way you can be when you don’t remember recording it at all, HA!

We decided to do this topic after some listeners asked us too, and I think we all agree that you all have great ideas.

Here are some of the things we talk about:

Should Christians expect to be lonely? Are we honest about that when we talk to people about what it means to follow Jesus? Why do we sometimes feel lonely even within the body of Christ? Is that the fault of our brothers and sisters, or might that be something God is using in our lives? How do our periods of more intense loneliness look now, in hindsight?


I hope you’ll listen to this episode and find some hope for your own lonely places. We have a kind and loving Heavenly Father who’s ways are not our ways, right? This episode was a good reminder to my own heart that I don’t follow Jesus because it’s easy or convenient. I follow God because I believe the Gospel is true, and I trust him.

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