Celebrating Piper with a Giveaway for the Girls

Did you see it? Last week we confirmed that starting in January we’ll be parading a little gaggle of girls around our world. This third little one is named Piper. And we’re so excited.

bows 1

In honor of what will apparently be an all-girl family, I’m teaming up with Summer of Summer Sariah Barbecue Bows to giveaway a set of sweet handmade hair accessories.

Here’s what Summer has to say about her bows:

Barbecue Bows are classic and timeless in style. Barbecue Bows are the perfect hair accessory for sporting events when cheering on your favorite team; Barbecue Bows make the perfect gift for birthday parties and baby showers; and Barbecue Bows are the perfect accessory for family photos or individual glam sessions. Barbecue Bows are your ‘go to’ bow even if you are just going to the grocery store!Each darling piece will add a sophisticated touch to any look, and are guaranteed to garner plenty of compliments. 


Each Barbecue Bow is handmade in Oakley ID USA. Made using high quality grosgrain/polyester ribbon. All edges are sealed to prevent fraying. Bows can be attached to a single or double prong alligator clip or a ‘one size fits all’ snow white or creamy skinny stretch nylon headband.

Summer was kind enough sent me and my girls a set of bows as well. While my best friend has been putting watermelon-sized bows in her daughter’s hair for 3.5 years now, I realized we never use them. My mom and I joke that she overdid it when I was little (bows on my socks, my undies, my sleeves, and of course, my hair) and since I started having a say in my appearance, I’ve shied away from such things. This is part of why I always pictured my self as a mom to boys; I’m just not that girlie. But then I got these bows in the mail and purchased glitter tennis shoes for the girls around the same time and, well, I think maybe I’m more girlie than I gave myself credit for.

bows 2

I was so excited when the package full of bows came, and you know what? So were the girls. Liv loves looking through them to find one that will go with what she’s wearing. Eliza only knows one color – orange – so she says that’s what she wants every day. We’ll get there.

The girls have been sporting their bows all over the southeast since we got them, including tricycle-riding in front of one of the strangest playground murals we’ve ever had the pleasure of gawking at enjoying.

bows 3

What’s that you say? You’d love to enter don’t have any little girls at home? Give them away! Perhaps you have a friend with daughters, or a niece or granddaughter (Hi Mom!). They make a great baby gift, birthday gift, or for-no-real-reason-at-all gift. I’m sure you can come up with someone. I have faith in you.

Details – Summer is giving away a set of 10 bows from her Polka Dot line, worth $50. Each bow is handmade in Oakley, Idaho, USA. All edges are sealed to prevent fraying. Bows can be attached to a double pronged alligator clip or a ‘one size fits most’ snow white or creamy skinny stretch headband. Bow measures approximately 1.5 ” x 3.5″

Giveaway starts today and ends Friday, August 30. I’ll announce the winner the following Monday. Enter using rafflecopter below.

Enjoy, and happy Monday!


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