She Sucked Her Thumb and We Were Smitten.

Well ladies and ladies,
We had our ultrasound. And the gender was, once again, undeniable.

We are adding a third little girl to the family. And we are thrilled.

You guys, the ultrasound lady put the warm jelly and the little scanner thingy on my tummy and this is what popped up.

PiperLittle Piper Duffy just sucking on the cutest little thumb I’ve ever pretended to be able to make out on an ultrasound screen. She was super calm during the scan which means she will probably wreak regular havoc on our lives when she’s born but I don’t even care because she already has such a squeal-inducing hold on my heart. Duff is responsible for her kick-butt name and yes, you have my permission to “good game” him next time you see him. Well done on that one, babe. 

Her sisters are so pumped. Liv tells me that “when Eliza hits Piper really hard, I’ll pick her up and rock her and say, ‘it’s okay baby.'” I look at Eliza and she nods her confirmation like a solemn vow. So we’ve got some conversations to have but seriously, they’re excited.


She’s healthy and developing normally.

Once again, we are thankful, overwhelmed, and totally smitten.

10 thoughts on “She Sucked Her Thumb and We Were Smitten.

  1. Welcome to the mommy of 3 girls club 🙂 It’s very nice here! So excited for you! I love the name Piper and would have wanted to use it, but our last name is too R heavy and it wouldn’t have flowed. Happy for you!

    1. Thanks! I’m SO excited. We had a few names that we loved but wouldn’t work with our last name so I totally get that!

  2. Love everything about this–the thumb-sucking, the name, the healthiness! I also love that the big sisters already have a plan for who will hit Piper real hard and who will rescue her. All very important stuff. It’s good to see they’re taking their jobs seriously.

  3. Ahhh, congratulations! That’s sooo exciting. I think I read somewhere once that it’s like 80% likely that your third will be a girl if you have 2 already. Love the name too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I did some research before the scan and saw that there is some kind of increased chance of having a third…didn’t think it was that high though! Wouldn’t have wondered about the gender if I’d known that! Haha=)

  4. The Gignouxs are so happy for you guys! 3 sisters together is the best. So happy you and the baby are healthy. I love keeping up with your blog too.

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