Pregnancy 3.0

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Well, we’re almost halfway through this pregnancy.

Huh-what-now? I know.

Duff and I have been watching LOST on Netflix. Somewhere deep in my first trimester, we watched an episode called, “Run, Hide, or Die.” These were the options for survival on the island and I could relate.

There are two little people following me around. I don’t know if they are THE OTHERS but I do know that they’re asking for snacks and drinks and I suspect the smaller one is pooping her pants. Every smell makes makes me want to gag and I’m starving but nothing, and I mean nothing, sounds good. Why does our brand new house suddenly smell like old salad and ash? MUST CLEAN FIREPLACE. Scratch that. Must get DUFF to clean fireplace. When did the girls dress up as a bumblebee and a chef? I must have dozed off. Oh my gosh, I need a nap.

One day Duff came home and I went upstairs to “go to the bathroom” (aka lay facedown on our bed for a few minutes). As I walked up the stairs I thought to myself, in the French accent of one Danielle Rousseau, “You can run, hide or die.”

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And that is how I’d summarize the first trimester of this third pregnancy.

Luckily, we’re past all that now, and things are going pretty well. I’ve started exercising again (she says after one workout), food tastes good (almost too good but pass the nachos) and although I’m still more tired than usual, I no longer feign a bathroom break for a quick nap.

Just for fun, here’s a quick comparison of my pregnancies so far.


Liv: Terrible heartburn from the beginning. Ate a handful of Tums as I took the pregnancy test. Threw up once at 14 weeks. Difficult pregnancy, physically. Started experiencing some, um, “hip area” pain around 16 weeks, was basically sedentary, had a stress fracture in my left foot starting at about 25 weeks, stayed sedentary, followed my cravings like they were commandments, gained about twice the recommended amount. Elected to induce at 39 weeks (I was very favorable for induction and had been for weeks) due to extreme sciatica and tailbone pain.


Eliza: Moderate heartburn starting early on. Exhaustion and some nausea during first trimester, never actually vommed. Stayed more active, partially for me and partially because I had a toddler who needed to do more than sit around catching up on GLEE and washing down Chickfila fries with Snickers ice cream bars. We were also interviewing, going through church planting assessment and moving during this pregnancy, so there was a lot more going on. Gained a happier amount of weight, elected to induce at 39.5 weeks so that family could plan to be present and Liv wouldn’t have to be in the delivery room by default. Because you can’t erase some memories.


Baby 3.0: NO HEARTBURN. What the what? I bought a bottle of Tums and haven’t opened them yet. Super exhausted, super nauseated during first trimester. Never threw up. Not showing as fiercely and furiously as I expected, knowing my history and the fact that this is my third. Really wanted to exercise throughout first trimester. Stopped running around 8 weeks and didn’t set foot in a gym again until 14 weeks. Took another 3 week break due to illness and vacation. I feel more of a need to pay attention to my energy level, and as a result, I’ve tried to make sure I have non-screen time during some naps/rest time. Also, I sometimes “make myself” lay down and watch “Call the Midwife.” It’s (not) really hard.


If my calculations are correct, everything I eat will start to taste crazy good in the next two weeks. Also, GENDER REVEAL! Stay tuned.


If you’ve had multiple kids, how did your pregnancies compare? Anyone else spend several weeks in an orthopedic boot during the hottest month of the year while pregnant? If you knew me then, how sorry for me did you feel?

Based on my quick summaries, any guesses on this baby’s gender?

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12 thoughts on “Pregnancy 3.0

  1. What a fun overview of pregnancies. You are wise to journal your experiences. It may bless your daughters in the future.

    The New England Journal of Medicine published an article a few years back about pregnancy. Basically, their studies showed that how our bodies handle the stress of pregnancy mimics how we will handle the effects of aging. I found this pretty cool and bit scary! This knowledge helped me feel confident about my low blood pressure, watchful as my glucose results rose slightly with each pregnancy and encouraged that my body would “bounce back” after each baby. Of course, bouncing back translated into choosing regular workouts over strict baby scheduling, careful eating and so forth.

    I am terrible guessing gender. Twice I was 100 % convinced I was carrying a son…and we know how that turned out. 🙂 My experience has been that the child’s God-given temperament determines the usual indicators like activity level, fetal size, and position (rather than the gender). The lack of nausea could signal you’re having a son. Do you strongly intuit these things?

    Rest is so important. It’s harder to take good care of ourselves with little ones under foot. Kudos for taking time to nap. I look forward to reading your news!

    1. The New England Journal info is so interesting! I would say I’ve each pregnancy has been better than the one before, so I guess I won’t ever age. Good to know. I’m kidding=)

      I’m terrible at guessing gender too! I felt worse enough that I wondered if this was was a boy…but I’m also parenting two under three, so that could explain why this time felt harder! My intuition with this stuff is terrible.

  2. My pregnancies (all girls) were really nice. Never threw up due to pregnancy (except when I had the flu), had some heartburn, but nothing copius amounts of smoothie tums couldn’t fix 🙂 I got induced with them all due to some risk factors (I had to be on blood thinner shots for my entire pregnancies and 6 weeks after…you don’t want to spontaneously deliver chock full of blood thinners) and had them in 3 hours for the first, 3 hours for the second, and 2 hours for the third with no drugs. God had a lot of mercy on me 🙂

    I don’t have a gender guess for you 🙂 I loved finding out ahead of time! I was convinced my second was a boy, so I was glad we found out ahead of time because I wouldn’t not have been emotionally prepared for that kind of surprise!

    About Lost, that show got to a point where I was SO ticked off and begrudgingly watched the rest just to see how it ended. Maybe you’ll be more mature about it than I was 🙂

    1. Holy Cow! You have a magic uterus! Those are amazing labor times! What a great thing that your body responded to induction so well! I had good experiences too but they were longer=)

      We’re in the 5th season I think, and it’s getting to be a little much. But we will finish! We actually both saw the last episode and remember one scene. Not enough to ruin anything but enough that sometimes we’re like “okay so is that the thing from the end?”

      1. I have good genes 🙂

        I feel like it was around season 4 or 5 that I was emotionally LOST-ed out. Tell us what you think of the finale when you get around to it!

    1. Yeah it is! I’m just glad we have a master bath now, otherwise that would have been hard to pull off. Might have had to rest in the bathtub or something.

  3. I would say you’re having a boy. My pregnancies were very different, first pregnancy twins, second pregnancy a singleton, which was much less painful.

    1. I bet! I can’t imagine what carrying twins would feel like. My brother and sister are twins and they were like, 6lbs 10 oz and 7lbs 4oz. The 7 pounder was bigger than my first singleton. Hard to believe!

  4. First, you are cracking me up. Second, oh my goodness, can I feel sorry for you even if we’ve never met in person? Third, I really wish I knew your baby’s gender but I was way off about what was in my own uterus so I have my doubts about knowing what’s in yours. Since this baby wants you to watch Call the Midwife, I’m thinking he/she may be British. How exciting! Can’t wait for the big reveal!

    1. 1. Likewise.
      2. Yes you can.
      3. Does this mean he/she will come out screaming “Oh helllloooo Guvnuh!”
      Gosh, I hope so.

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